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USA (2011)

The world is a beautiful place to live. There's something beautiful in everywhere. From Tibet to India. From the USA to Brazil. From development countries to poor ones. There are incredible situations such as monks in Tibet drawing with coloured sand or the Sun rising over the sea. On the other hand, people is destroying nature over-consuming natural resources. Some people are hungry and some ones are over-weighted. Individuals live in big towers and children sleep in Cabins. Somebody is crying due to love and other ones are dancing in a Jail. The life is a cycle. It's a mix of good and evil. For us, our world is the best place to live. But after watching this documentary your mind may change its opinion.

One of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It's a delicate series of images and music from a neutral point of view. The spectator can take their own decision: they may realise our world is wasting natural resources, food and material items or they may think the rest of the world is boring. Personally I agree with the first state. It is impressive how the director films terrible topics using a delicate visual language (remember this movie in silent, only music and images). For example he shows weapons' factory and after a deformed soldier, children look for valuable items in our garbage or prisoners dancing in a jail. Meanwhile smiles, looks of mercy and sensitive music. This documentary shows landscapes from all over the world, including India, Tibet, Arabia and Japan (nearly 25 different countries)

Mark: 9.3

To Remember: Buddhist art. It's wonderful and ephemeral.
To Forget: The dirty rich countries.

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