lunes, noviembre 25, 2013

Europa Report

USA (2013)

Europa is a privately funded mission to explore Jupiter. The final goal is to find life on Jupiter's fourth largest moon. Something wrong happened to the crew and everybody disappeared. Now, the company have to analyse all the video recordings from the Spaceship. Hundreds of hours with astronaut's routines. A dramatic document with an incredible ending...

Europa Report is an “old school” Science Fiction movie directed by the Ecuadorian Sebastian Cordero. From a realistic point of view, Cordero shows a very close future where private companies are able to fund Space Missions. The director “raises” a false documentary about a failed Space Mission. The spectator will see comments from the private company mixed with images inside the “real” Spaceship. The final result is a very realistic film despite of it's a Science Fiction one. However, this idea is a little risky and sometimes the movie looks like a “Big Brother in the Space”

Mark: 7.3

To Remember: The ending. Everything makes sense at the end.
To Forget: Sometimes this movie is really boring.

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