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USA (1966)

David Pollock is an expert in Egyptian hieroglyphics. A millionaire, travels to England in order to hire Pollock's Services. He needs to translate a small hieroglyphic . It's very strange because the hieroglyphic looks like a fake. Meanwhile, Egyptian prime minister, contact to Pollock secretly. He is very interested in any information related to the hieroglyphic. David is fascinated by this story. Mainly when the beautiful Yasmin arrives on the scene. All together will take part of an international intrigue full of chases, violence, corruption and, of course, love.

This film was directed by Stanley Donen in 1966. Arabesque looks like a “Hichcock movie” because its plot and screenplay could remember to the best films of this director. However, after the first 20 minutes, the spectator will realise that Arabesque is not a Hichcock's film. First of all because the script is not too “intensive”. Under a powerful idea, Donen shows “soft” characters performance a Romantic-Action film instead of an intrigue one. Secondly, because the screenplay is absolutely psychedelic. It's one of strengths of the movie. Scenes from mirrors, coloured with crazy colours, in different positions and angles are examples of Arabesque's scenes. An innovative idea for a classic mystery film.

Mark: 7.8

To Remember: Of course, the most “psychedelic” Sophia Loren

To Forget: Sometimes the plot is too “static”. I miss more “locations shots”. On the other hand, Yasmin is a non-defined character and she is not coherent with the story.

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