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Sweden (2013)

After Erika's mother passed away, a strange man appears telling that he is her brother. Erika doesn't have any brother, so she went into a rage. However she was very intrigued and a few days after their first encounter she tries to speak with the stranger. But the stranger has disappeared. Then Erika look into her mother's life and she discovered that her mother was in love with a Nazi spy. However, information is contradictory and she can't understand why her mother's past is so confusing. They may keep a dark secret which never should be revealed. 

 Scandinavian film based on the bestselling novel by Camilla Läckberg. A powerful mystery story following the “successful equation” of Stieg Larsson and company: Crime, mystery, ice and WWII. In this occasion, Tyskungen (Huellas Imborrables, Hidden Child) shows how a common family might be related to war affairs. With a frenetic rhythm, mixing past and present, the spectator will be confusing until the end. However, the ending is a little bit predictable and so easy compare with the rest of the movie. But don't worry about that; this film, in overall terms, is a great one, mainly for Crime/Mystery lovers.

Mark: 7.5

To Remember: The story. Powerful and dynamic.
To Forget: Sometimes the movie seems a TV series.

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