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USA (2013)

Meanwhile the families Dover and Birch are in a party, Joy and Ann disappear without any traces. The police try to find a suspicious van's driver who was seen near to the girls. Keller Dover is pretty sure that this man is his daughter's kidnapper. But for the police the matter is very unclear. The only one suspicious, Alex Jones, is released and Keller decides to take the law into his own hands. On the other hand, the Detective Loki has found a very good clue: a killer priest. However, everything is very confusing. Keller is getting crazy, Jones seems “very” innocent and Loki is “losing” his suspects. A strange “labyrinth” with just one possible exit...

Exceptional movie directed by the Canadian Denis Villeneuve. After his critically acclaimed film, Incendies, Villeneuve tries a “Hollywood” adventure. And this adventure has been an absolute success. With many “ingredients” of modern classics such as Seven or Mystic River, Prisioners is a intensive thriller full of mystery. The director builds an universe very realistic, without good or bad people. Everybody is highly contrasted. Characters are carefully “moulded” and performed by (mainly) Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. They star this frenetic thriller that would be considered a contemporary masterpiece.

Mark: 9.1

To Remember: The story. Old school.
To Forget: Keller is such as the typical “macho-American hero”

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