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Lady Vengeance

South Korea (2005)

Geum-ja Lee was in jail for 15 years. She committed a terrible crime: she kidnapped and murdered a child. However she looks like an angel. She is very kind and she is very sorry for her action. At the end of her sentence, she is an idol in Korea: everybody loves to the 'Prodigal Daughter'. When Geum-ja Lee is free her behaviour is absolutely different. It seems that she has a estrange plan to get revenge. But, why? Her friends from the prison are helping to Geum-ja to prepare 'something special'. They owe too much to Lee. A long story full of mystery and pain. What happened with Geum-ja Lee in the past? Is she a real killer? Why she is looking for revenge? She may be a sweet angel of dead...

Last part of the Vengeance trilogy by Chan-wook Park. Firstly Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, after Old Boy and finally this movie, a nice mix of poetry, violence and drama. It may be the most structured film of the trilogy with an interesting story, clear enough from the beginning until the end. It has the beautiful style as its precedents, with surrealistic scenes and perfect colours. Additionally, Lady Vengeance is a perfect thriller with a strong plot. Its weakest point is the ending: an exaggeration of the revenge's cliché.

Mark: 8.3

To Remember: Lee's cell mates
To Forget: Park's “personal sign” at the end. It's not necessary for this brilliant film

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