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FAQ About Time Travel

UK (2009)

Ray, Toby & Pete are three friends and they live in London. Ray, the leader, has lost his job just now; a very bad job. He goes with Pete and Toby to “drown his sorrows” at their favorite bar. Ray is very funny; his main hobby is to study about “time travel”. His fondest wish is it. His friends are kidding him all the time about that interest. However, that day, at the pub, something really strange happens. Ray meets a girl and she says that she comes from the future! His friend laughs when listen to this. But, when Toby go to the toilet, he travel to the future too. Then, he come back with his friends. All together go to the toilet and, they travel to the past! And then to a parallel reality! Ok, to come back to the “present” they must know the basic rules to travel on time: never speaks with another me, don’t change anything, never speak about future with people in the past... With this manual about time travel, Will they come back to the future/past/parallel present?

Today a 100% alternative movie for piniculas. This movie, a BBC production and starring by Chris O’Dowd (IT Crowd), had its premiere at 38 cinemas only. It’s a low budget movie. However, this kind of British comedies are my favorites. With smart dialogs, funny situations and very ironic, FAQ about TT is a interesting film that I recommend “scifi” lovers. Intelligent film with a little bit simple plot.

Mark: 7.3

To Remember: “Morrissey shouldn’t exits”.”When, after Smiths?”.”No, ever”.
To Forget: The plot It’s a little bit monotonous.

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