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Stalags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel

Israel (2007)

In Israel, during the 60's, a strange kind of booklets were published. Their name was Stalags (as prisoners camps' name in WWII) Those booklets were pornographic stories about American prisoners that were rapped by Nazi girl soldiers. They looked as a normal comic but they had sexual content. Their success was imminent. In one week were selling more than 80.000 Stalags. How was this possible in a country as Israel? They hate Nazis. This documentary tries to explain it. Maybe because nobody spoke about Holocaust and Stalags ware the first documents with that topic. In the second part the director speaks about an important Israeli book about Holocaust called “The dolls' house” (the British Band, Joy Division, chose its name cause that book). It is a serious book whose reading is mandatory in Israeli School. However, that book is about a story very close to pornography; many experts said that It's a non-real plot, very similar to Stalags' stories. Curious documentary about an “alternative” Jewish society.

In 2007 Ari Libsker, from Israel, filmed a controversial documentary about Pornography in the Israel of post-war . Really the plot is very simple: he speaks about a porno-comics called Stalag and about “The dolls' house” (an unknown book for non-Jewish people). But the most interesting idea is about the people that lived in Israel before WWII. That people had a society away from Holocaust. They loved "first world" things, like alcohol, parties and pornography. Sometimes, refugees are annoying cause they went to "invade" their country. Very curious documentary.

Mark: 7.3

To Remember: The Israeli ex-soldier speaking about his extreme sex-experiences with a girl; she is granddaughter of a SS soldier. 
To Forget: Too many things for 60 minutes only.


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