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USA (2011)

Hugo Cabret lives in Paris. He was born after the IWW. Currently he is orphan because firstly he lost his mother and after he lost his father. They where closely related. Hugo's father was a clocks professional. He loved clock's mechanisms and all kind of mechanical machines. He found and strange kind of robot called “automaton”. It was his last work. But was not finished. Now Hugo (that lives inside the Paris railway station) is trying to fix it. He is following his father's notebook. Every day he looks for a new part to complete his creation. But one day, Georges Méliès (he has a toy shop inside the Train Station) stoles it from the boy. Why? Nobody knows. Melies has a strange secret. Hugo needs to his notebook and he'll try everything to get it. In the path, he'll discover the Melies secret; a secret full of magic, fantasy, movies, work and passion. 

The last year, Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Afterhours...) surprised everybody with this familiar film (filmed in 3D). And this is a good familiar movie; It's not another stupid movie for kids. It's a high budget one, of course, but it has plot, story, good actors and message. With Hugo your children and you can dream, can learn and can enjoy with a movie. A movie inside a movie, cause Hugo speaks about the film's world from George Melies eyes. A great tribute to this genius, this magician, this pioneer of fantastic movies. Thanks Mr. Melies. Thanks Mr. Scorsese.

 Mark: 8.8

To Remember: Music and Visual Effects. Simply perfects. 
To Forget: From another point of view, this movie would be more thrilling. It would have been so easy and so good...

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