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Serbuan mauts

Indonesia (2011)

A group of swats in Jakarta (Indonesia) going to catch to one of the most dangerous criminals, Tama. In theory, it will be an easy mission. They are an elite force and they have powerful weapons. However, Tama has taken the control of a 30 floor building in a Jakarta's slum. This building is full of violent delinquents. The police will try to catch Tama, but Will be possible to still alive in a building full of killers?

Easy plot for this movie. The new Indonesian cinema arrives to Europe with The raid: redemption. A spectacular film full of visual effects, incredible fights and violent action. It would be easy to think this movie is as Cidade de Deus in Indonesia; but not, it would be a big mistake. The Raid is, basically, a martial arts movie with a very simple plot. Bad actors and without any message. Only violence and fight; of course, very good fighting scenes. If I would like to give a definition for this film, I would need to use my favorite language. In Spanish: Hostias como panes.

Mark: 6.7

To Remember: Fights; realistic and violent. 
To Forget: The plot. It tells nothing important.

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