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The toast of New York

USA (1937)

We're in the USA at the beginning of the civil war. Jim Fisk is a swindler and he's obsessed by getting money. His friends, Nick and Luke, follow him to everywhere. When the war finishes, they are very rich; however they have the wrong money: Southern money. But this is no problem for Jim; mainly in the New York of the 19th century. This city starts to “play” with money; but no real money. Money as shares, as bonds, definitely, as paper. For Jim and friends ware easy to cheat people with false money. The Stock Exchange was rising, and everybody wanted to get money in the New America. The problem: people like Jim & fellas. But Jim will have to fight alone. Nick and Jim's love, Josie Mansfield, have an affair; Luke is a good man and rejects Jim's actions. All the city hate to Jim and they'll try to catch him.

Classical movie from 1937. Edward Arnold and Cary Grant, starring this American comedy about the origin of New York's Stock Exchange, currently, the most important share market in the world. This is the most interesting matter. How people started to get money from nothing. How people cheat to other people and lawyers and accountants could fight against the government. An interesting production made in Hollywood, with a curious plot that finally is “smudged” with a typical love's story.

Mark: 7,2

To Remember: Jim's personal army 
To Forget: The love's story

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