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Life of Pi

USA (2012)

Pi is an Indian who lives in Canada. Pi is an odd person. First of all, his name is no related to Mathematics; it's because a French pool: Piscine Molitor Patene, short name: Pi. Pi was living in India for a long. His life is too interesting; not only because he is picturesque, with own ideas about religion, god and life in general but because he survived a shipwreck. When he was young, he traveled in a ship with his family and many animals. During a storm, the ship sank and he saved his life because he found a boat. But he didn't travel alone; a Monkey, a Hyena, a Zebra and a Tiger were with him. How could he survive this journey? It's a real adventure for a book. An American writer is interested in it. The life of pi is a exciting mix of danger, feelings and metaphors?? Yes, because Pi is very spiritual and imaginative people, and nobody knows if his stories are true or false. But it's the same, because they are beautiful.

Ang Lee give us a beautiful movie full of poetry. This movie is one of the best movies of the year with 106 nominations / awards including 4 oscars. There are 3 parts in this movie. The first one, the best one in my opinion, speaks about India, about Religion and about life. The second one, Pi journey, very visual and intense. The last one, the ending, is a reality bite 100% drama. It's a strange mix, good for different kind of spectators. Of course more of then prefer the second part, with an adventure with incredible landscapes. However, I think It's too much commercial. I prefers the other ones, with a spiritual plot and a great main idea: a story from 2 point of views. Korosawa style.

Mark: 9.1

To Remember: It is better Christianity than Hinduism because is better to ask one God for pardon than 33 millions of Gods.

To Forget: To much “Computer Effects” during Pi travel.

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