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The Signal

USA (2014)

Nic and his friends are studying at MIT in the USA. They are very worried because a skilled hacker is manipulating their computers. Nic is a really good security analyst but the “mysterious” hacker is even better. During an attack, Nic is able to intercept data related to coordinates. They are intrigued with this information and decide to go to the coordinates place, an old house in the middle of nowhere. Something very strange happened there, and Nic, Haley and Jonah, after losing consciousness, appear in a futuristic hospital. It seems like a secret place in a biohazard area. Nic is questioned day and night about how they found the old house. Nic is in a wheelchair, confused and asking about his mates. Haley, her girlfriend, is in comma and Jonah, according to the doctors, is dead. Nic can't believe that thing and prepares a plan to escape from the hospital. But, how a disabled guy could runaway from a security building with his girlfriend on a bed? Easy, because that place is not a real hospital, Nic is not a the same person and, actually, the world is absolutely different...

Today in Piniculas a modern SciFi movie directed by William Eubank in 2014. Willian is passionate about this genre and after his previous Science Fiction film called Love, he filmed The Signal, his best movie to date. The first 30 minutes are very intense with a mix of romance, mystery and horror. After the “forest encounter” a “Cube style” story “appears” and the plot is static and confusing. The surrealistic Nic's escape gives way to the proper Science Fiction plot. Like in the Wachowski's Matrix, the stars are in a strange kind of reality, where everybody has a superpower and nothing is real (or yes). In conclusion, an ambitious film with action, love, mystery and science. A lot of ingredients to full the spectator (or to cause an indigestion)

Mark: 7

To Remember: The 'mutations'
To Forget: To many ideas for a 90 minutes film

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