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Norway (2011)
Roger Brown is a successful recruiter in one of the most important HR companies in Norway. He interviews people with “high profile” to work as directors. Roger's life is amazing; he lives in a luxury house, he has an expensive car and his wife, Synnove, is a beautiful women. Synnove has very expensive whims and for that reason Roger has a “second job” to get extra money. Sometimes, he “visits” his client's houses in order to... steal their paintings! Mr. Brown is a respectable manager and a despicable art dealer. But it doesn't matter; Roger is a really good thief and insurances pay the masterpieces, so everybody is happy. However everything changes when Clas Greve tries to be hired by Roger. Clas has a original Rubens and for this reason he is a “tempting” victim for Roger. But Clas is not the typical yuppie with glasses and expensive suits; he is an ex-soldier, he is smart, attractive and he has no scruples. The recruiter will be the target of Clas and he will have to runaway if he wants to still alive.
From Scandinavia we presents a really interesting thriller full of action, mystery and comedy. Amazing ingredients to have fun for 100 minutes. With a Northern style, the director Moren Tyldum filmed a “wild movie” following pieces of Guy Ritchie or Tarantino. Headhunters is fresh cinema with a lot of hilarious situations in the complex life of the star. The action is frenetic, with 3 different parts: The Roger successful, the Roger thief and the Roger chased. For each one, the director creates surprising environments to mess up the life of the star. A crazy “race” that finishes with an unexpected ending where everybody is guilty.

Mark: 8.2

To Remember: Roger, Ove and his guns. Five stars!
To Forget: This film is very ambitious and sometimes the plot “slides”

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