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Tropa de Elite 2

Brazil (2010)

Some years after of the last Nascimento mission, Bope needs his services again. He and the Captain Andre Matias must prepare the assault of Rio de Janeiro's prison. All was under control; however Matias, who is trigger happy policeman, shot at a convict and killed him. This convict held an human rights activist hostage; this man survived, but he told press this story. Then, public opinion charged at Bope. Matias was moved to Rio Regular Police and Nascimento, that is considered a hero by his mates/bosses, was moved to a high government position. Matias thinks that Nascimento betrayed him. He is in a low position and his ex-boss is close to the minister. Matias still working and he discovers an important affair related to government corruption. Many important people is implicated. However Matias is not alone; Nascimento never forgets to a friend and he will take this affair as something personal.

José Padilha returns with his Tropa de Elite and he gets again a masterpiece. If TDE 1 is a movie full of action and violent situations, TDE 2 is a serious thriller with a heavy crime plot. Slowly, Padilha introduce us in a fictitious story based on real events. Government corruption is a important problem in Brazil. With a French style, the director shows us how the powerful people control police and drug markets. The fabelas are starring again but only as instrument to get votes. At the ending,the action returns with the most angry Nascimento. Maybe this is the only small black spot, because this situation is a bit forced. But this is a small con in this great film. Highly recommendable.

Mark: 8,5

To Remember: The plot. 100% crime genre.
To Forget: The Nascimento “Rambo” moments. Him against everybody; a little bit forced.

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