lunes, septiembre 30, 2013

The Imposter

UK (2012)

In 1994 a 13-old years children, called Nicholas Barclay, disappeared in Texas (USA). Three years later he appeared in Spain. It's very unusual situation. Normally when somebody is missing for a long time, they don't appear too far from their home town. Furthermore, “Nicholas” looks very different: He speaks English with French accent and looks elder than 16 years. However Nichola's family are 100% sure that he is the real Nicholas Barclay. But, how it's possible? It may be because of the grieving family is dreaming with meeting Nicholas again and they don't realise that he is an imposter. There are many “loose ends” on this story and the truth will be impossible to know.

Impressive movie directed by Bart Lyton about Frederic Bourdin an man with a mental disorder. This “peculiar guy” changed his identity several times before the Texas' case. However it was the most extreme one. This true story could be a perfect thriller. It has all the ingredients: mystery, drama and crime. Definitely, it's one of the best “documentaries” I've ever seen.

Mark: 8.9

To Remember: The director makes up (maybe) a curios “theory” to try to explain this stupid situation. You will be interested from the beginning until the end. I promise (despite of knowing the ending)

To Forget: Why there are actors instead of real people?

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