domingo, marzo 30, 2014

Lucky number Slevin

Germany (2006)

Slevin is a young man with a very complicated life. By chance, he is in troubles with Mafia. It seems that he owes money to an important criminal. But they are wrong. Slevin is a normal man without any relation with criminals. But it doesn't matter, mainly when a professional killer is looking for Slevin. Two rival bands are very angry and they want to kill Slevin. But, why? The astonishing ending will show us that all that glitters is not gold.

Today we have very interesting thriller directed by Paul Mcguigan (Sherlock). With a strong plot and weak performances (mainly by Josh Hartnett) Lucky number Slevin keeps the spectator's interest until the end. With doses of black humour, comedy, action and mistery, this complete film is highly recommended to fans of “commercial intrigue” films. Otherwise, if you are a lover of more complex movies such as Memento or Inception, you may avoid this motion picture.

Mark: 7.8

To Remember: The Plot
To Forget: Josh Hartnett

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