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wara no tate

Japan (2013)

Kunihide Kiyomaru is a serial killer who commits a terrible crime. He murdered a 7-year-old girl. This girl was Ninagawa's granddaughter. It's a big problem for Kiyomaru since Ninagawa is the richest man in Japan and he offers a billion-yen bounty on his head. Just a few rules the get the prize. A lot of money just for killing a killer. Kiyomaru tries to get protection from the police. However, it's a very difficult mission due to everybody likes to be rich. Mafia, police officers, common people, prison officers, a big army against one man. Could the police to protect the murder?

The prolific Takashi Miike bring us a simple action movie based based on the novel by Kazuhiro Kiuchi. Wara no tate (aka Shield Of Straw / Los protectores) is a road movie that show us the darkest feelings of human beings. Based on an interesting idea (a far west style reward) the final result is an easy plot, full of action scenes that doesn't provide anything new to the genre, just explosions, fights and chases.

Mark: 5.9

To Remember: Firsts 15 minutes
To Forget: t's a trivial film

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