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Zero Theorem

USA (2013)

Qohen Leth is a professional on a computer company. He is very shy and he would like to work from home. Qohen tries to get a position as “teleworker” but his manager, Joby, prefers to have Leth in the office. However, the Management, has a very special job for Qohen: to demonstrate the Zero Theorem. If he accepts this job then our star could work from home. It is a great opportunity for Leth and he will work very hard to find a solution of “The Void”. He has to meet the required deadlines; they are very short, mainly for a very complex problem such as Zero Theorem. Qohen is very smart and competent, and the Theorem is almost solved by him. But a beautiful woman called Bainsley appears in Leth's life. Then everything changes and the crazy genius starts to expend too much time with the woman. Fortunately, the Management's son will help to Leth and the most complex Theorem may be solved in a finite time period...

Terry Gilliam figures out a new universe in an hypothetical future. Zero Theorem could be called “Brazil Reloaded”. Following the same idea, Gilliam tries to improve his masterpiece Brazil using XXI century technology. In fact, Zero Theorem is an “attractive film”, colourful and full of futuristic details. The Qohen's world is a fantastic environment 100% made by Terry Gillian. As usual, Terry designs an impeccable atmosphere in order to involve the plot. A very simple plot, in this occasion. Meanwhile Brazil has a brilliant and “revolutionary” script, Zero Theorem has heterogeneous one: it is an awful mix of romanticism, science fiction and philosophy. An ambitious project with a poor final result. The highlights of the movie are actor's performances and scenarios.

Mark: 6.1

To Remember: The futuristic atmosphere.
To Forget: The love story. It seems a Gilliam's sexual fantasy.

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