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Nowadays everybody knows the Edward Snowden's story. He is a kind of Information Technology genius who worked for the U.S. Government. The Army, CIA, NSA... Usually he worked on confidential projects. By chance he was involved in a new application designed to intercept digital communications between terrorists. However, Edward discovered that the original purpose is just an excuse to spy everybody across the world. Innocent people who expose their personal information. Pictures, videos, emails, messages... everything is managed by an impressive system that intercepts, analyses and filter the information of millions of people. It is absolutely illegal and Snowden has to decide if he prefers his amazing life in Hawaii, collaborating with the government to break the human rights and earning a lot money doing that, or, on the contrary, to reveal confidential information to fight against a monster called the United States. Maybe he took the wrong decision for himself but it was a brave choice; an incredible action to collaborate with the freedom in the world. He become in a dangerous criminal for the States and a hero for the rest of the countries.

After the boring (but powerful) Snowden's documentary (Citizen Four) directed by Laura Poitras, Oliver Stone filmed a fair story about one of the most brave IT professionals. The Edward Snowden's life deserved a movie like this. Following the real events happened before the Snowden's revelations, Stone shows an impacting story about a patriot who is losing the 'faith' when discovers that his government is spying innocent citizens. The director tries to be neutral and is the star who moves to the “bright side” after being betrayed by the secret services. The perfect balance between the reality (including the filming of Poitras' documentary) an some bits of fiction to present the impressive story of the guy who travelled from the paradise to the hell to denounce the shaming activities performed by companies like Google, Yahoo, Apple or Verizon helping US army (supported by the government) to break the law and the human rights of millions of people. Essential film to understand how big corporations are using the modern communication networks to spy all of us.

Mark: 9

To Remember: The real Snowden demonstrating his victory on the USA
To Forget: The Nicholas Cage's character is unnecessary

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