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Turkey (2010)

Firat and Acar are two anti-terrorist policemen. They are from Turkey. In this country everything is dangerous. When these men try to arrest terrorists, a small battle happens. They are a high level training. For this reason, USA government asks for them to catch Mr. Haci. Mr. Haci is a fundamentalist leader who lives in NYC. After few weeks in The Big Apple, they capture Haci. However, Haci doesn't seem a terrorist; he is a religious man. Acar thinks that is innocent but Firat thinks the opposite. Haci is extradited to Turkey. Firat needs to know the true; why? Because the Haci's crime maybe is not only terrorism. Why Firat is very worried with this case? Maybe it's something personal...

From Turkey (co-produced with USA) arrives this epic film directed by Mahsun Kirmizigül (director, writer and starring, Firat). The movie tries to relate a religious story, terrorism and Turkey, with a mix of action, epic poetry and drama. Too ambitious. Kirmizigül (better director than actor) is the starring in his movie; a film with a "real" actors as Danny Glover. I think he is too egocentric and his performance is very poor and is one of the weakest points in this movie. He "sold" the film as action one; actually, it was in the action area in my video club. However, really it is a drama; only at the beginning there is a very, very good action scene; but only for 5 minutes. The idea is very interesting, because speaks about the difference between Islamic religion and Islamic extremists. But, the secondary story is very simple and the ending is too predictable. A good try but too ambitious because Kirmizigül wants to make a lucrative film with an alternative approach. Money and art is not a good couple, my friend.

Mark: 6,8

To remember: The first action scene; Incredible. It's like a video game.
To forget: The ending. For spectators, Firat personal story doesn't matter.

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