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The Human Centipede: First Sequence

Holland (2009)

The Dr. Heiter lives in Holland in a house in the countryside. He is a doctor specialising in Siamese twins surgery. But he isn't a normal doctor. Heiter is a dangerous people. Lindsay and Jenny, unfortunately, have a car problem and go to Heiter's house looking for help. Heiter kidnaps them in his laboratory. The aim: to create a new Siamese. A three people Siamese. Something as a small centipede. With these girls and a Japanese, the sinister doctor will prepare his “masterpiece”. He will connect mouth with anus and the new creature will share digestive system. Will he be able to finish his work without problems?

Today one of my favourite genres: Low Budget Horror movies. From Holland, Tom Six wrote this curious script based on a real medical theory: a human being could be fed with excrements. Then, as a joke, filmed The Human Centipede, the trilogy. Actually, the last year he filmed the second part and the last Sequence will appear in 2013. This movie is 100% underground one; It's commented that The Human Centipede is the most disgusting movie in the history. Really, this movie is a simple horror movie with a intelligent plot. Suspense, distress and a non-conventional ending are enough attributes to say that this film is a very recommendable one if you like horror underground movies. If not, you will have a very strong experience watching the movie.

Mark: 6,3

To Remember: The Japanese starring. Whole movie speaking in Japanese.
To Forger: Actors are very bad. Mainly the police couple.

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