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Bubba Ho-Tep

USA (2002)

We're in a asylum with an old Elvis' imitator. Looks like Elvis, speaks like Elvis and he says he is Elvis. However his real name is Sebastian Haff. Is it his real name? Of course not. When Elvis Presley was young, he decided to change his life with another one. So, he looked for a good imitator (Sebastian Haff) and then the real Elvis swap his identity for Sebastian one. They looked very similar. Nobody suspected anything. Sebastian died but Elvis not. Elvis was happy with a normal life. Every night, he imitated to himself. It was very funny. However, one day he has an accident and he broke his hip on the stage. From that moment, he couldn't dance never more. But this is the past. Nowadays, Elvis wait for his ending in a quit nursing home. He has cancer and needs a walking frame. He uses a catheter and his sight is very bad. The age is ruthless even with The King. His best friend is JFK. But this JFK is black and very young. Their quite life is broken cause a old mummy appears in the Asylum. Yes an old mummy! It is very violent and wants the souls of the asylum inhabitants. Elvis can't allow that and, with JFK helping, will fight against the monster to solve the world.

Incredible low budget movie that I found lost in my video club. Surrealist, crazy, fantastic, genial or maybe stupid and irreverent. I have doubts. However, I must admit that the story is really funny and original. To imagine to Elvis, old, disable and full of wrinkles is something very funny. This is the best part. Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness) performing to The King is something very curious. Then, the black JFK mixed with an ancestral mummy are a strange mix that produce an irregular plot without sense. Summarising, this Bubba Ho-Tep is a crazy films, for rare films lovers and freak movie buffs.

Mark: 6.9

To Remember: Bruce Campbell with Elvis glasses. Enormous!
To Forget: The plot is crazy. Maybe, too crazy.

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