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Mientras duermes (Sleep Tight)

Spain (2011)

Cesar is a caretaker in a Barcelona's building. He is very nice and very efficient. However the Cesar's life is a mysterious. Nobody knows what happen with him after work. He goes every night to spy on Clara. Clara is a successful girl full of energy and vitality. But Cesar hates it. He only is happy with the pain; the others pain. Every day he drugs her and sleeps in her bed; poisons her body lotions and tries to kill her. But she still happy. This is not possible. Cesar has to think about something to finish with her happiness. Suddenly Clara's boyfriend appears in her house. Everything changes and Clara's life never will be the same.

Jaume Balaguero (Los sin nombre, Fragiles) films in 2011 this interesting thriller. With a moderate budget, Jaume builds a disturbing plot with a very intense first hour. After, the story loses interest until reach a simple ending. The main idea is really clever: some people only is happy with the others' misfortune. The starring, Luis Tosar, is the real star with a very serious performance. But, on the opposite way, Alberto San Juan makes a comic performance far of the dramatic role in this movie.

Mark: 7.2

To Remember: The main idea: Happiness with pain 
To Forget: The last 30 minutes

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