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Wolf Creek

Australia (2005)

Every year 50.000 people disapear in Australia. With that fact starts Wolf Creek. Three backpackers are traveling around Australia. They go to Cairns but before they want to go a special place: Wolf Creek. There is crater in the middle of nowhere. Nobody is there. They can feel absolut loneliness. It's good sometimes; not when your car is broken. The youngs are waiting for help. Luckly, Mick Taylor lives close to Wolf Creek, and, suddenly he appears there. He tows the boy's car until his farm to try to fix it. Everything is good. Good? Maybe Mick has a terrible secret. But nobody knows it, because nobody knows that isolated place...

Famous Australian production filmed in 2005. John Jarratt stars this horror movie, very violent and very bloody. But not too much. The plot is slow and believable. If you've lived in Far North Queensland (FNQ) you'll know that there're many isolated places. No cars, no people, no police. This story is completly possible there. Additionally, John Jarratt gets a particular character mix of sadism and comedy. However the ending is too forced until get a worring moral... Mainly if you live in this area.

Mark: 7.4

To Remember: John Jarratt: a mix between Chiquito and Freddy Kruger. 
To Forget: Pursuits are very incredible.

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