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Idi i smotri

 Belarusia (1985)

Florya is a young boy who lives in Belarusia during World War II. Playing with his friends found a machine gun; despite of he is too young he decides to enlist in the Soviet army. He thinks the war is very easy: if you have a gun, you can kill bad boys; Nazi boys. However it's not so easy. German army believes Belarusian are garbage. Because that, they kill, torture and burn women, children and soldiers. Nobody is important. Florya will be see the bigest atrocities; starting with his family and ending with the enemy. A long way where Florya will become in a young old man.
Sensational movie about an little known topic: WWII in Belarusia. The director, Elem Klimov, films an “auteur movie” based on real facts: The Nazi brutality in Soviets Republics. In 1985, Klimov got a scenes from XXI century. Nowadays is easy to see this kinds of scenes on current cinema (mainly European one) However, this movie was filmed 28 years ago! Klimov was very clever using colour and light. Furthermore, the mix of poetry, violence and history, gives to Idi I smotri (Come and See) a new dimension. This movie is difficult to define: drama, film d'auteur, war, historical... (as happens with movies like The thin red line or Apocalypse Now, close to Come and See but with different style)
This long film has 3 parts very different: the first 45 minutes, speaking about Florya travel. It looks like an adventure. The next 45 minutes, with “psychedelic” treatment of Florya life. The ending, with a serious and explicit images about the war. A great closing for this powerful movie.
Mark: 8.6
To Remember: A. Kravchenko (Florya). Great (and forgotten) performance
To Forget: Maybe “auteur” part is not necessary; without it, this movie will be a legendary war one

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