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Play misty for me

USA (1971)

Dave is a radio presenter in USA. He is a winner; handsome, rich and single. With his sex-appeal and his voice he can get any woman. Women like Evelyn; a night, in a bar, Dave meets Evelyn They drinks, speaks and, finally, she goes to Dave's bedroom. It's the beginning of a love story; a beautiful love story. Evelyn looks like a sweet girl; however she is too different. Evelyn is a schizophrenic woman who will try everything to stay with Dave. From this moment Dave's life become in a nightmare among threats, passion and, of course, music.

Clint Eastwood stars and directs this strange movie from 1971. With an original plot, so different with regard to the typical Eastwood movies in the 70's, Clint tries to film a new kind of film. A mix of comedy and thriller, Play misty for me shows the talent as director of a young Clint Eastwood. However, for Hollywood this movie was a failure and it prefered to “use” Clint as an action actor, mainly as Harry Callahan and in Westerns. Thank god, Eastwood still directing and now he is one of the most important American directors.

Mark: 7.8

To Remember: To remember: The music. The mix between romantic comedy and thriller.
To Forget: To forget: A simple plot.

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