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The Uninvited

USA (1944)

Roderick Fitzgerald and his sister, Pamela, buy a mansion in the Irish Coast. It's beautiful and so huge. Surprisingly it was very cheap. Definitely a really good business for the Fitzgerald family. The previous tenants, the Meredith family, had a truculent past. Last member of this family, Stella Meredith has a particular attraction for this house. She is very pretty and Roderick invites her to his “new home”. Something very strange happened then: a woman is crying in the bedroom, wind opens all the windows and everything is getting dark. “It's my mother”, Stella says. However, Stella's mother passed away several years ago. Roderick tries to use an ouija board in order to communicate with a “possible” spirit. Stella is possessed by something and she tries to commit suicide. It's a big mystery and Roderick will look into it until the end. He is in love with Stella and he is not afraid of anything.

Brilliant classic horror movie from the early 40's. The original uninvited (there is a remake) was filmed in 1944, much earlier than the popular Psycho by Hitchcock, for example. I compare The Uninvited with this film due to they are “pioneers” of the genre. The Hitchcock one related to physiologic horror and our movie regarding haunted houses sub-genre. The most important aspect of The Uninvited is its plot. It's not just a mysterious story but a horror movie without monsters, vampires or werewolves. The star is a spirit, angry and dangerous (but without “ultra-fantastic powers”) who is looking for justice (or maybe not). A very original idea for 1944 that nowadays is used once and again. If you like haunted houses' films and you love good stories, it's your movie.

Mark: 8

To Remember: The star speaking Spanish. Why nobody can identify this language? Spanish is not Aramaic, for god's shake!

To Forget: Everything seems very normal, very natural. For me, to find a ghost in my place is a very embarrassing issue.

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