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UK (2011)

In the XIII century, the tyrannical King John “Lackland” was forced to sign up the Magna Carta by several Barons. Due to this document, the King’s power was restricted and England was ruled by the Barons. John
tries to recover his kingdom and assembles a mercenary army on the South of England. Their main objective is the Rochester Castle. If John's troops get this castle it will be very easy to defeat London. Thomas Marshal, a rude Templar, knows it and he will prepare a plan to keep the castle just with a few men. It would be a very difficult task because the John's army has more than 300 soldiers. The only hope is Archbishop Langton and his alliance with the French King. Will Marshal able to contain the traitor's army?

Historic film directed by Jonathan English in 2011. This movie show us a very interesting historic period in England. Probably, that situation was the beginning of the current UK. The film's atmosphere, very realistic, will “transport” us to the XIII century in England. A dark period where the country is immerse in a severe crisis after a Civil War. The novelty is against the King; in other words, justice is against tyranny. The epic battle at Rochester Castle is recreated perfectly. A violent siege led by a brave army. With a mix of realism and action scenes the director reach a good equilibrium that will be enjoy to purist of history and action films lovers too.

Mark: 7.2

To Remember: The siege. Brutal.
To Forget: The love story is out of context at all.

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