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Touch of Evil

USA (1958)
In the border between United States and Mexico, a contractor dies after somebody placed a bomb in his car. Miguel Vargas (a narcotics officer) starts to investigate the brutal crime. Unfortunately, his wife Susan is with him because they were on their honeymoon. During the investigation, Miguel (Mike) has a lot of problems with the local Police Captain, Hank Quinlan, a ruthless police who is looking for a scapegoat that justify the crime. But why? Mike needs to know the truth. Look into Hank records, the officer found “interesting” documentation about corruption. Yes, the “honourable” captain Quinlan in a dangerous delinquent. In fact, Hank will try to avoid that Mike ruin his career. Mike is a very honest professional, but, what would happen if Susan is in danger because of him? Quinlan is able to perform the most cruel things in order to reach his aims...
Legendary film noir movie directed and stared by Orson Welles. With a simple plot, Welles filmed one of the most frenetic films of this genre. The first 20 minutes are simply sensational full of dynamic scenes, with “impossible” perspectives and unpredictable denouements. Atmosphere is also one of the movie's strengths: people is always sweating, everyone is nervous and music is very happy; a rare mix that will drive mad the spectators. As if this were not enough, surrealistic situations and dialogues and mystical characters (like the magnificent Marlene Dietrich) provide the movie with an unprecedented originality to up to this date (1958). A lot of modern directors are influenced by this film such as Tarantino or Scorsese.
Mark: 8.9

To Remember: Tana (Marlene Dietrich)
To Forget: The “latin” actors. Charlton Heston is not the most suitable actor to perform a Mexican guy. By the way, Mr. Welles, Mexican is not a language.

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