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Sweet Smell of Success

USA (1957)

The unscrupulous press agent, Sidney Falco, is looking for fame and money. He is able to sell his own mother for a few dollars. However his instinct nowadays is not working as in the past. Sidney can't find lucrative exclusives and he has to visit the powerful J.J. Hunsecker. This man is an important columnist in New York and everybody respects (and fear) him. J.J. has a “dirty” proposition for Sidney: to set a trap for Steve Dallas. Steve is the Hunsecker's sister fiancé; J.J. hates him and he going to try (by Falco) to jail him via false charges. For Falco it is a good business; good money and good favour for J.J. the most important columnist in the richest city. However, for Susan Hunsecker, the success is not related to money but to love. She will give this “dregs of humanity” a lesson about the real meaning of “Success”

Today in piniculas a masterpiece filmed in 1957 by Alexander Mackendrick. In “Sweet Smell of Success” we can see two stars face to face starring two dramatic characters: Tony Curtis vs Burt Lancaster. This “fight” is very intense and, of course, the winner is the director who is able to get one of the best performances of these actors. The plot is a drama in a dirty environment. New York City is a den of iniquity where the most important thing is money. Politicians controlled by journalists, “respectable” citizens looking for sex, unscrupulous paparazzis and frivolous women, are the “stars” in that city. A modern plot filmed half a century ago. With “film-noir” style, this movie is recommended to film-lovers who like dense dramas with complex dialogues and an atmosphere of the 50's
Mark: 8.8

To Remember: J.J. dealing with politicians
To Forget: The performance of the female stars is pretty poor

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