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Italy (1977)

A young American dancer (Suzy) travel to Europe to join in a famous Academy of Dance. When she arrives to the place, she witness a strange scene: a girl was running alone, in the night, in the middle of a storm. The next day, this girl, appears dead in strange circumstances. Suzy speaks with the Academy Director about the happened but the Director didn't show too much interest.
Then Suzy start to look into the death. Something very strange is happening. Nobody can exit to the Academy and the other students seem like hypnotised. Step by step Suzy will find the true; a true mix of witches, spirits and the Evil embodies in a old dancer...

Interesting film, referent inside of underground terror genre. The master of horror, Dario Argento, films a surrealistic movie, elegant and visual. Maybe the plot isn't one of the strongest points; neither the actors, with poor performances (the best example of this, is the performance of a young Miguel Bose).However, the key of the film is the set. A disturbing atmosphere that provoke anguish in the spectator; strange music that scares like the best bloody image; incredible places that look made up by Gaudi... A mix of ideas and sensations that convert this movie in one of the oddest horror full-length features filmed.

Mark: 7,2

To Remember: The OST. Incredible music recorded in the “hell”.
To Forgot: The actor performances. Miguel Bose and mates cause laugh instead fear.

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