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The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen of The Desert

Australia (1994)

Bernardette & Mitzi are two Australian friends that work in the show business. But this business is a bit special cause Bernardette and Mitzi are men! Specifically are transsexual men. And their show is a Drag Queen show. But in the Australia of 90's this kind of performances aren't know for the common people. The friends don't give up and find a opportunity in one of the most rude areas in the Country: The Outback. Between Sydney and the Outback have several travel days in car. Yes, because drag queen show requires very different clothes and transport it by air plane is very, very, expensive. For starting this risky trip, he/she needs more help. Felicia will be the third component. Felicia is young and very pretty. But a bit crazy. The three artist will go to the outback in a very strange vehicle: a mix between bus and caravan. Its name will be Priscilla. In Priscilla, they will travel half of Australia until arrive to Alice Springs. On the road, he will know the most “primitive” Aussie people: sometimes nice people, sometimes very reactionary. Finally, the three “boys” will have to beat the fear of the stage and will know the deepest secrets of each one.

Now we have in Piniculas, one of the few Australian movies that have been a big success outside of this country. The Stephan Elliot film, was one of the most awarded in 1994. With Oscar included Priscilla had such success that the USA industry filmed a very popular remake: A woong foo. Reminded like “gay” icon, the film is many more than this: is a window for knowing the deep Australia, mix of goodness, rude people and intransigents. Filmed with nice and elegance, one of strong points is the music: 80's themes from Gloria Gaynor to Abba. All an Aussie Classic.

Mark: 7,8

To Remember: The Australia's landscripts.
To Forget: Sometimes the movie is too much musical.

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