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The Last Wave

Australia (1977)

We are in Sydney, Australia, in 1977. An Aboriginal man was found dead in a city suburb. The main guilty are a group of Aborigines leaded by Chris. Chris is a very clever boy that lives in Sydney as the rest of Aboriginals: marginalised and trying to use their own culture. But this isn’t easy in the British Australia of 1977. Culture is 100% Anglo-Saxon and Aborigines are a problem instead of an advantage. In this situation Chris and him people are in a real bad situation. Their only one possibility is the lawyer David Burton. David is a 4 generation Australian, but European-Australian. He is very interesting in this case. However the public opinion and the facts are against the aboriginals. Suddenly, David start to have strange dreams related with Chris. In this dreams, the lawyer sees all city cover by water; they are surprisingly clears. David, desperate, try to know the true about his dreams. He speaks with Chris and Chris tells him that he must ask to Charlie; Charlie is as a wish inside the tribe. Magical situations will mix into ancestral tales. The dream will become in reality and David, finally, will witness the Last Wave.

A new Aussie film in our blog. And again, from the prolific director Peter Weir. Weir was as an Australian David Lynch. A middle path between a social drama and a psycho-thriller, The Last Wave shows interesting situations. For example, the original situation of the Aboriginal people in Sydney. How their culture and traditions were erased. On the other hand, we can show how was the Sydney growth. The British people controlled the main important social areas, and people as David and his wife, living for 4 generation in the country, never had relationship with aboriginals. However this is the good part. The bad part is the main plot related with dreams and strange legends. In the last 30 minutes, the movie changes the story and seems as an Australian “Angel's Heart” to end with a violent and out of context ending. But it's a little spot in this really interesting film.

Mark: 7

To Remember: The (surprisingly) very good performance of Richard Chamberlain. He won the best actor award in Sitges.

To Forget: The alternative metaphysical aboriginal story.

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