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Animal Kingdom

Australia (2010)

We are in Melbourne in the current year. The Cody Family lives in a city suburb. Joshua and his mother Julia are in a small house. Julia is heroin addict. One day she uses bad heroin and dies. Joshua is alone with less than 18 years old. His only family is his grandmother and his uncles (Darry, Craig, Pope and Barry). But these people are very dangerous. “Uncle Barry” sells drug and “uncle Craig” has other illegal activities. Joshua never was in troubles; he is honest and his only problem is his family. However, now, police are all the time watching to the Cody brothers. In one strange situation, a policeman kill to Barry. Then, the Cody family will look for revenge. Joshua helps (unintentionally) to the family in an “special” job. He must steal a car and leave it in the Pope's house. This car will be used for a crime. Police suspects that the Cody brothers are responsible. They speak with everyone and know that Joshua is the weakest. For this reason they will tray that the boy speak against his family. But Joshua is strong and don't say anything. However, the rest of the family think that he'll speak; mainly Pope, an ultra-violent man. Joshua is afraid. Maybe the best solution for him is speak with police. Will Pope allow this situation?

We have an Australian movie again. One of the best Australian films filmed. With 26 awards (Sundance included) and 27 Nominations was surprise movie in 2010. For me maybe the best. A very dark plot, with a Tarantino's Style but with own personality, perfect performances mainly Sullivan Stapleton, James Frecheville and Jakie Weaver (Oscar Nominated), very good OST and serious direction. The movie has all the ingredients of a masterpiece. Far away of the commercial films, the director tells an actual story of violence, crime and “the family”; but not “the family” as Mafia style; “the family” with Australian taste. This is one of the most original things. Spectator must change their mind set for watch this Mafia story in Melbourne. A mix between Bad Lieutenant, Reservoir Dogs and Horseman, violence and honor will be over feelings. If you like thriller, action and noir films, you will enjoy with Animal Kingdom.

Mark: 9

To remember: The first 5 minutes when the doctors try to bring Julia round (she have taken a heroin overdose) and her son, Joshua, continues watching (in front of them) a stupid TV quiz-show.
To forget: That this kind of movies are “underground” only because they are from Australia.

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