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France / UK (2010)

In the actual world, magicians aren't popular. Rock bands, electronic devices, expensive movies... New ways of entertainment have finished with classical artistic jobs. This is the case of our starring; an incredible magician that can't earn enough money to survive. For this reason he travels around Europe looking for a chance. His next stop will be Scotland. In a small village nice people enjoy the illusionist. Innocent people that still believing in magic. As Alice. Alice is a humble waiter that thinks that illusionist's tricks are real. Then, when our magician leaves the village, Alice follow him. The poor artist can't say the true to the girl. He prefers continue with the farce until the girl knows the reality by herself. While, they tray to get a job to earn money. But Alice wants expensive clothes that ask to the magician, because she thinks that he can get them with magic. The illusionist, buy every clothes and give her with a magical trick. She is very, very happy; but our starring must look for more jobs to pay the gifts. Alice will know a lot of old artist that can't find a decent job. Finally the illusionist will try to say her the true, however, for Alice, maybe magic really exist.

Revelation animation movie in 2010. It was nominated as best film in Animation Category in the most important films festivals: Oscar, NYC Films Critics, Golden Globes, European Film Awards, etc. This British/French production is “far” from the expensive American or Japanese projects; however it surprised for its exquisite draws and its beautiful music. Movements are like in a video-game and the plot is poetic and harsh. Maybe this is its weakest point because this film is a mute film and it's very difficult to get a complex story without words. But the final result is very very interesting and I recommend this movie to you if you love poetry.

Mark: 8,1

To Remember: Music and Draws.
To forget: The plot is a bit simple.

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