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Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Canada (2010)

Two country bumpkins, Tucker and Dale, are on holidays and they decide to go to forest to take a rest. They like to do normal things: to do barbecues, fishing, haunting, etc. At the same time and close to their cabin, the typical group of stupid American students are celebrating a party. Chad is the leader and enjoys telling horror stories about crazy “rednecks”. All the group are scared with this stories. At night, Allison (Chad's girlfriend) decides to take a bath in the lake. She has an accident and Tucker quickly goes to try to help her. When the rest of the group see this action, they think that the man is trying to kill her and they run terrified. Dale & Tucker rescue her from the lake and carry her to their cabin. While, the students are thinking how save her; they are very angry and very scared. Chad decides not to call the police. But one of them don't obey Chad and goes to look for help. The Chad's group try to release Allison but they have some “unfortunate” accidents. With every accident, Chad is more and more crazy and he blame Tucker & Dale for all. Finally the true Evil will appear to start a new urban legend...

Tucker & Dale is a “classical” horror movie but with a XXI century style. Original plot that gives a new perspective to this genre. When a saw this film poster, I read the next comment: if you like Shaun of the Dead and Severance, you must watch Tucker & Dale vs Evil. Really is similar to this movies; but it is funnier than the first one and more original than the second one. The final result is a black comedy with a lot of hilarious situations and a very good script. New ideas for the horror genre and a different point of view about rural killers stories. Maybe for this reasons it won the main prize in Sitges the last year.

Mark: 7.9

To remember: The bees attack scene. 5 minutes of laughs: guaranteed.
To forget: The ending: a little bit predictable.

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