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La fin absolue du monde

France (1971)

In a small village close to Lozere (Southern France), lives Matheus and his family: a twin children, Marisa & Abel (10 years old) and his wife, Leonora. Matheus isn’t a common people; he’s a sadist and very violent man. He tries to teach to his children that pain and suffering are normal and necessary. Leonora is a sadomasochist woman; she lives in a cage in the basement. The kids watch how their mother hurt herself (broking her nails, cutting her skin, etc.); how she lives surrounded by faeces and rats. Sometimes Matheus goes down to attack to his wife; split her, hit her, piss her... The twins laugh and enjoy themselves with this actions. Every day, Marisa & Abel are more mentally disturbed: torture animals, having sex between them, kidnap babies to mutilate them... They do different things to impress their father. One day, the twins will discover the most important Matheus’ secret: he has a real Angel in a small dungeon. This Angel is very hurt because Matheus torture him for years; he has a lot of cigarette burns in his body. The twins think that is good idea a new pain act: to cut Angel’s wings to give them to their father. But Matheus won’t like this action and Abel will know a new kind of depravity: human cannibalism.

Today we have in our blog maybe the strangest movie in the history: La fin absolue du monde, the cursed movie. Maybe the first snuff movie, maybe the most violent movie ever filmed, this movie is “famous” for its legend. It was only projected 1 time: in Sitges Festival (1971). This edition was specially tragic because when was been projected this film, started a fire. People tried runaway and many persons died. Some survivors told that people started to kill to other people violently cause the movie. The Spanish police accused the director (Hans Backovic ) of provoking fire. The only movie’s copy was destroy in this fire. Backovic disappeared after this incident. He had a bad quality copy (the only actual copy); supposedly, he would have been hypnotized by his movie and after several years watching it, he committed suicide. Definitely, it’s a very rare film, very difficult to watch because doesn’t exist any full copy. We get one of the best and now you can express your opinion.

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To Remember: The Angel’s Cigarette Burns.
To Forget: The Legend.

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