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Dans la Maison

France (2012)

Germain is a elderly language teacher bored of his daily life. Every day is the same old song: he has to listen to his wife speaking about her problems, everything is monotonous at the college and his students are not interested in language. But not all of them. Claude is a new student and he has started to write a long essay about a house. When Germain ask for homework, Claude write a new chapter about that place. His writing looks too realistic. It is about a middle class family and how is their routine. Claude's style is very clever and Germain try to obtain more writing from Claud. The scholar makes up a pretext to do it. Step by step Germain and his wife are inside of “Claud's home”. For the teacher and his partner this activity is not only a students' work; it is a new experience, a new lifestyle. Such a voyeur, the educator will play to a dangerous game which will change his whole life.

French production that won the Golden Seashell in San Sebastian Festival in 2012. This film is curious mix of comedy and drama. The first part of the movie consist on an intriguing story with 2 parallel plots: the real world and “Claude's world”. The peak is reached when both worlds crash. Then, during the second part, the spectator will be witness of a typical French drama about love in the old age. It's a really original film that, in my opinion, had been brilliant if the director had changed the story's outcome. This film has a clear Woody Allen's influence.

Mark: 8.1

To Remember: The first part of the story
To Forget: Too much “reality bites”

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