domingo, mayo 26, 2013

The Cloud Atlas

Germany (2012)

In 1849 Dr. Henry Goose is writing a diary. It will be too important in the future. This future is past for us. Our present is in danger and our far away future is not clear. There will be a war and the human race will disappear. To prevent it, will be necessary to join all the pieces from the past until the future. Everything is connected. Time travellers, immortals and common people are living in a big puzzle: the world. Each change is important and our fate depends on simple changes and people from everywhere/whenever.

New movie of the Watchowski 'brothers' Andy and Lana (yes she is a girl; her previous 'Fake' name was Larry). In this occasion they have filmed a Science Fiction film mix of fantasy and fate. With a complex plot, their story is along different ages with the same characters. Looking for a non-commercial movie, the Watchoskies get an interesting final product much better than their arch-knows Matrix trilogy. However their project is too ambitious because they have to manage six stories across several time lines with the same characters. Some of these stories are brilliant (the future in China is great) and some of them are very poor. The ending is so flat and predictable.

Mark: 7.2
To Remember: The life in the future where people is treated such as robots.
To Forget: The ending.

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