domingo, mayo 26, 2013

The mill and the cross

Poland (2011)

The Flemish renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder is painting his most important masterpiece: The procession to Calvary. It's a big landscape about a “false” Jesus Christ. Yes, because his Christ is a real Flemish man and his Calvary is a location in Flanders. The major god is in a Windmill and the Romans soldiers are a cruel army commanded by Spaniards. Everybody is a real person and the Bruegel explains why they are in his painting. A lot of details related to the daily life in 1564. It's a paradox because Pieter's Jesus is a victim of Catholics. Violent and savage Catholic people.

Interesting European movie about a famous painting by Pieter Bruegel. The film is not a Bruegel biography but a fiction story about the characters on the painting; about the society in the Spanish Flanders. Every feature, every situation in the painting is explained by the painter. It is a very static movie with a really easy plot. On the other hand, from the visual effects point of view, it is a fantastic piece. The spectator will feel such as inside a baroque picture due to the colours, clothes and landscapes which are showing in the movie. I recommend this interesting European work to all auteur films supporters.

Mark: 7.3

To Remember: The screenplay and the visual effects. Fantastic.
To Forget: Too static story.

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