lunes, agosto 19, 2013

Five broken cameras

Occupied Palestinian Territory (2011)

In 2011, Emad Burnat (Palestine) and Guy Davidi (Israel) filmed this semi-amateur documentary about the Palestinian nation. With 5 cameras they record the daily life in Palestine. But, why they recorded with 5 cameras? Easy, each one were busted by Israel's army. The documentary shows how non-violent farmers try to recover their lands. The Israeli government has several walls around West-Bank and Gaza territories. If somebody tries to pass them,, the army use extreme violence against men, women, children, old people, disable people... It's a shame and a fragrant violation of the human rights.

Really strong documentary about a current conflict. Daily, the Israel's army “fight” against civilians with extreme violence, using fire weapons, tanks, gas bombs, etc. Not all Palestinians are terrorist; actually, the majority of them are common people who fights for their lands just with their hands. They are very brave and the don't have weapons. However Israelis shot, torture and arrest them indiscriminately. Actually, the Palestinian director was injured several times during the recording. It's specially shocking when the army arrests children. It's a very serious documentary that shows an international criminal offence. All the countries should be against these actions. It's a good film from Palestine and Israel.

Mark: 7.4

To Remember: Non-violent Palestinians fighting for their lands. They are very brave.
To Forget: The Israel's army is bullshit.

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