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The Village at the end of the world

Greenland (2012)

We're in Niaqornat, Greenland. Niaqornat is not an exciting city or an important Greenland's capital. It's just a small town in the middle of nowhere. With 59 inhabitants, it could be the most boring place on earth. However, Niaqornat is full of life; real life I mean. During the last 5 years, they have been fighting for their identity and for their village. There are just 59 people and they love their culture. In Niaqornat, you can meet Lars who is living with his grandparents because their real parents (who live in front of him), didn't want to rear him. And Ilanngauq, a foreigner who moved to Greenland because of love. Karl, Annie and many more will show us how is possible to be proud of a town at the end world...

Today we have a really “human” documentary about people fighting for their home town in the 21st century. If we think an isolated village in Greenland is very humble, we will be wrong. Niaqornat has internet, has electricity, has boats, snow bikes, weapons... How is it possible for a village with 59 people? I don't know. Another curious detail is related to landscapes. At the beginning I though this movie will show incredible landscapes from Arctic area. But finally, Niaqornat is a common village, with houses, garbage and dogs. It would be any town in the world. So, the merit of this documentary is its particular point of view, mix of comedy and “epic story”. The director has found the most interesting features of every citizen in order to demonstrate that it's not necessary to go to New York or London to meet fascinating people.

Mark: 8.2

To Remember: Sometimes this documentary is hilarious!
To Forget: What about the environment? Greenland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I would rather less hunting scenes and more information about the entertainment outside of the village.

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