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Chad (2013)

Chad is an African country without sea. Grigis live in there with his family: his Mother and his step father. Grigris, whose real name is Souleymane, is poor and has a disability in one of his legs; however he is very happy. He is a “famous” dancer in his home-town. With a peculiar style, Grigris is able to dance as a professional. Everybody loves Grigris because he is a loyal and a humble man. The life in Chad is not to easy and when his step father is sick, Grigris will have to work for petrol traffickers in order to pay the hospital's bill. This is a very dangerous business and Souleymane's life will change forever.

Today we have a great “pinicula” on our blog. For first time here, a movie from Chad. Grigris was a great surprise in Cannes, with one award and another nomination as best film. The director show us the humble environment of Grigirs and his family. It's a fantastic retrospective of Chad and, in general, African Villages. Places without electricity, with a basic health system, without asphalt on the streets. However, inhabitants have a really good sense of humour and they are full of life. The simple plot is becoming in a original story in the last part of the film. The weakest point are the actors with an “amateur” performance. But Souleymane (a real disable dancer) and company are part of the film because this film is a part of their real life. Grigris is an emotive, fine, smart and clever film. Well done!

Mark: 8.3

To Remember: It's Africa!
To Forget: The actors are no real professionals.

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