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Black's Game

Iceland (2012)

We are in Reykjavik, a few years ago. Stebbi is the typical Icelandic: a youngster without job, with money and tired of life. A “bad” day, he is under arrest due to a fight in a bar. Then, he meets with an old “friend”: Toti. Currently Toti looks very dangerous; however he helps to Stebbi with a good lawyer. But in exchange, he has to find something very “delicate”. It is a package with drugs. It won't be to difficult for Stebbi. It was a exciting and lucrative job. For this reason he decided to work with Toti and his gang. It was the beginning of the one of the most important business in Iceland: drugs, bank robberies, prostitution, etc. To many bad things for a small iceland.

Inspired by actual events, Black's game is a thriller with Scandinavian “taste”. Violent, exciting and intriguing. In my opinion, the first part of the movie is brilliant with doses of action and adventure. The second part, when the stars “enrol” in the Bruno's band, the story turns to the typical mafia's movie. But it's a mafia in Iceland: it's dangerous and it's criminal but it's “not frenetic enough”. In summary, irregular movie recommended to people who is interested in Icelandic society (people like me)

Mark: 7.5

To Remember: The Stebbi lifestyle
To Forget: The Bruno's part

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