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The wrong box

UK (1966)

An estrange inheritance (called tontine) is established for several children. The only one condition to get the money is to “survive”. So, just the last survivor will get a large amount of money plus interests. For decades, this money was in the national bank waiting for a “winner”. Well, the Fisbury brothers (Masterman & Joseph), octogenarian both, are the two last candidates. And, of course, their families are the most interested in the final “prize”. The Joseph's relatives, Morris and John, are very ambitious and they dream of becoming in millionaires. On the other hand, Michael Masterman's grandson, is just in love of Julia (Joseph's niece) and is not too interested in money. The trouble starts when Joseph passes away and his grandsons try to hide his dead “keeping” his body in a very particular box.
Hilarious comedy from 1966. Like the best movies directed by Billy Wilder or Blake Edwards, The wrong box has a brilliant plot mix of Adventure, Crime and, of course, very smart comedy. Additionally, music and actors are brilliant, mainly a young Michael Caine and a “guest star” called Peter Seller. It's a very recommendable film for comedy lovers. A classic.

Mark: 8.9

To Remember: The Doctor Patt character (Peter Seller). Simply hilarious.
To Forget: The poor performance of Nanette Newman. She is so pretty and expressionless.

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