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It Happened one night

USA (1934)

Ellie is a spoilt woman who wants to get married with a crazy pilot. Of course, Ellie's father (a very rich Businessman) is categorically opposed to that wedding. But Ellie is stubborn an he is in love with a 'New Yorker Casanova'. So she decides to runaway and travel to New York to meet the “man of her dreams”. It is a long way to the Big Apple and before reaching her goal, she will have to visit many places by bus. Will be there where Ellie meets Peter, a young journalist who realises that to write about a millionaire’s daughter escape could be a lucrative exclusive. But a passionate woman as our star is difficult to control and the “rude Peter” will have to face the oldest feeling in the world: love.

Today on Piniculas I bring a classical masterpiece filmed in 1934 by the Italian director Frank Capra. With 5 Oscars including to only one for the mythical Clark Gable (Cadiz, USA, 1901), It Happend one Night is a love story in a road movie. Despite it is very old, this film is very fresh, very agile, full of dynamic situations and funny moments. Both stars (Gable and Colbert, Oscar winners) show their best version. Gradually, the spectator, will feel in love with Ellie and will envy Peter. All the time, Capra plays with the situation, mixing Ellis and Peter roles. At the ending, the comedy turns on drama to reach, as usual in old Hollywood films, a predictable happy ending.

Mark: 9.3

To Remember: A young Gable in love with the sweet Claudette Colbert.
To Forget: A lovely ending is not necessary to get a masterpiece.

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