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Spain (2014)

In the future, earth is exposed to radiation, greenhouse effect and acid rain. So life is very complicated. Fortunately, people have artificial assistants: robots that help to work, take care of the children or enjoy. They are not dangerous at all; mainly because they have 2 main protocols: they can not fix them by themselves and they cannot harm any form of life. Jacq Vaucan is an insurance agent of a robotics corporation and he have to assure that robots are working properly. It is a boring job and his biggest hope is to have a baby with his wife, Rachel and then, try to move close to the sea. However Vaucan's life changes suddenly when he meets Dra. Dupre. Dupre has developed a new kind of robot, probably without any restriction. Jacq will investigate this case and everything in his world will change radically.

Today we have in Piniculas a marvellous Science Fiction movie. It's a mix between Blade Runner and I Robot. Actually I think it is the biggest Blade Runner's tribute. The impressive atmosphere, the detailed images, and the accurate scenarios remind us the Scott's masterpiece. However, in this case the film is more sinister with unscrupulous human beings in a robots' world. The plot is simpler than Blade Runner and maybe because of that, Runner's fans may feel a little disappointed. But Automata is a different film, with different story, different situations and different moral. If you are able to understand that then you could enjoy this great piece. Nevertheless, the similarities between I Robot + Blade Runner and Automata are obvious and the Spanish director Gabe Ibañez (El dia de la Bestia, Hierro) should understand the comparatives regarding the plot: it is less complex than the other ones. Anyway I recommend Automata to all Science Fiction fans (old school ones)

Mark: 7.8

To Remember: The atmosphere
To Forget: Some people will expect more a more complex plot

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