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Mr. Holmes

UK (2015)

Mr Sherlock Holmes is an old man. He is 93 and his body and his mind are in 'sunset of the life'. As everybody knows, the Holmes character has been modified by Watson. The good doctor, added details to the Sherlock's cases. For this reason, nowadays Holmes has one of the biggest challenges: write a story about the true Sherlock Holmes. It is about his last case, the most complicated and dark. However there is a serious problem; the Detective is not able to remember what happened in those days. His spirit is like 30 years ago, but his brain is not. He suffer a kind of dementia, and every day it is getting worse. Holmes is trying several solutions such as royal jelly or Japanese pepper. In his retirement in the country side, is writing some chapters. But every day is most complicated; Sherlock lives with his housemaid and his son, a smart kid that is ready to be a Holmes' apprentice. This situation 'rejuvenate' the old detective and together will tray to clarify the last mysterious for Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Poetry, It is the best definition for this sensitive story about one of my favourite characters. Imitating a 'classic' Holmes story, the director creates a realistic atmosphere with 3 parallel plots. The spectator is confused all the times, and they will 'travel' from the drama to the mystery continuously, to arrive in the hope. I was afraid of finding an old Holmes, sick and with dementia. However, the story shows a hero, a romantic and sensitive person that by the intelligence gets the passion and the most pure love, without any logic but full of filings. Without any doubt one of the best stories about Sherlock Holmes. It is not suitable for 'beginners'

Mark: 9.1

To Remember: The Holmes' deductions
To Forget: A bit commercial at the end

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