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The Searchers


Ethan Edwars is an ex-soldier very nationalist and racist. He comes back to his home in Texas. But an Indian raid destroy everything and they kill all the people. Everybody except Debbie, his niece. Ethan hates Indian; he is going to chase them until the end. Without mercy. Because he is very angry; because his suffering has been very strong; because he is a racist. Nobody will follow him; he is an extremist. However, Debbie's brother will. Together will look for years. But It is possible that she is dead; It is possible that she is converted to Comanche. In that case, Ethan'll have to kill her. Because Ethan is an authentic American and an authentic American have to get rid of any Indian.

Classical western directed by John Ford. Really good movie with a strong plot and very good performances. Mainly by Ward Bond and John Wayne. In this film, Wayne is not the typical hero, fair and generous. Not. Ethan is a fascist; proud and selfish. I hope that everybody thinks this; because if somebody thinks that Ethan is a real hero, they have a problem (xenophobia maybe?) Anyway, The Searchers is a masterpiece; it belong to Western genre. Maybe belong to a new sub-genre that I call “Politically Correct Western” For me a western have to be rude, violent, dirty and why not, wild. My referents still being The Good, the bad and the Ugly, The Wild Bunch and Unforgiven.

Mark: 8,3

To Remember: The mix of drama/action/comedy. Great! Mainly the scene with the fat Indian. 
To Forget: Sometimes, the plot is like inside a cliché. It seems a little limited (Only Americans' Point of View?)

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